Historiography of Ottoman Europe


Main Section

Atlas chartes periechon geographikos katholikos pinakas tes hdrogeio sphairas kata te ten orthen parallelon kai plagian autes thesin : ten te parallelogrammon kai 'alloiotropon geniken katagraphen tes hdrogeio sphairas kai hmikyklion periechon palaion topon 'onomasias kata dionysion, ton periegeten, kai merikon pinaka tes vlachias, pros de tate systemata kai tas sphairas kai tos planetas kai schemat' atta tas tes sphairas theseis deiknyonta kai tos anemos kai alla polla pros geniken eidesin geographias kai 'astronomias synteinonta / Epidasia ke Diorthosei Anthima A Gaze Meliaida.
image creator: Gazes, Anthimos, 1758-1822 - source: National Library of Australia, MAP RM 3472,
(Link: https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/507570)

The Main section provides information on the author(s), title(s), contents, and location of the manuscript(s) of the main sources related to the topic. Under the label “Other version”, one may find data on the extant edition(s) and translation(s). A selective bibliography is also included. When possible, a link (URI) is indicated so that material available online can be accessed. In addition to the search field, various facets allow for a personalized research.