Historiography of Ottoman Europe

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Patterns of Martyral Sanctity in the Royal Ideology of Medieval Serbia

Author: Marjanović-Dušanić, Smilja
Issued: 2006
Pubtype: Article in Journal
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Byzantine narrative

Authors: Burke, John
Scott, Roger
Betka, Ursula
Corporation: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies
Issued: 2006
Pubtype: Conference | ['Festschrift']
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Nikola Lašvanin

Author: Kursar, Vjeran
Issued: 2006
Pubtype: Internet Document | ['Article in Lexicon']
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Antic și modern

Authors: Wald, Lucia
Dinu, Tudor
Halichias, Ana-Cristina
Issued: 2006
Pubtype: Collection | ['Festschrift']
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Love of learning and devotion to God in orthodox monasteries

Authors: Joković, Miroljub
Collins, Daniel E.
Johnson, M.A.
Matejic, Predrag
Iguman, Artemije
Issued: 2006
Pubtype: Conference
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