Historiography of Ottoman Europe

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History of Mathematical Sciences

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing
Pubtype: Series
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Authors: Babinger, Franz
Woodhead, Christine
Pubtype: Chapter | ['Article in Lexicon']
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Encyclopaedia of Islam

Authors: Bearman, P.
Bianquis, Th.
Bosworth, C. E.
van Donzel, E.
Heinrichs, W. P.
Pubtype: Collection | ['Lexicon']
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The Library of Ottoman Studies

Publisher: I. B. Tauris
Pubtype: Series
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The Siege of Shkodra

Authors: Barleti, Marin
Hosaflook, David
Issued: 2012
Pubtype: Edition
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A Heroic Tale

Authors: Skafte Jensen, Minna
Kostallari, Androkli
Corporation: Miqësia, Danish-Albanian Association
Pubtype: Internet Document
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