Historiography of Ottoman Europe

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Ducae Michaelis Ducae nepotis historia Byzantina

Authors: Doukas, Michael
Bekker, Immanuel
Issued: 1834
Pubtype: Monograph | ['Edition']

Patrologia Graeca 157, coll. 749-1166

Author: Migne, Jacques-Paul
Issued: 1866
Pubtype: Monograph | ['Edition', 'Translation']

De rebus gestis Mechemetis II

Author: Kritoboulos, Michael
Issued: 1873
Pubtype: Chapter | ['Edition', 'Translation']
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Istoria Ţărâi Rumâneşti

Author: Cantacuzino, Constantin
Issued: 1961
Pubtype: Chapter | ['Edition']
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Cronicari munteni

Author: Gregorian, Mihail
Issued: 1961
Pubtype: Collection | ['Edition']
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