Historiography of Ottoman Europe

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Authors: Deufert, Marcus
Hölkeskamp, Karl-Joachim
Köhnken, Adolf
Issued: 1866
Pubtype: Journal
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The Siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683

Authors: Cacavelas, Jeremias
Marshall, Frederick Henry
Issued: 1925
Pubtype: Monograph
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Revue roumaine d’histoire de l’art

Author: Ionescu, Adrian-Silvan
Corporation: Academia Română, Institutel de Istoria Artei G. Oprescu
Issued: 1964
Pubtype: Journal
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Publisher: Brepols
Issued: 1983
Pubtype: Series
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Quaderni di Studi Arabi

Corporation: Instituto per l’Oriente C.A. Nallino
Issued: 1983
Pubtype: Journal
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Économies méditerrannéennes

Authors: Chatzioannou, Maria Cristina
Tabaki, Anna
Corporation: Kentron Neoellēnikōn Ereunōn
Issued: 1986
Pubtype: Conference

Symbolae Berolinenses für Dieter Harlfinger

Authors: Berger, Frederike
Bockmann. Christian
De Gregorio, Giuseppe
Ghiuse, Maria Irene
Kozabassi, Sofia
Noack, Beate
Harlfinger, Dieter
Issued: 1993
Pubtype: Collection | ['Festschrift']
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Complots et conjurations dans l’Europe moderne

Authors: Bercé, Yves M.
Fasano Guarini, Elena
Issued: 1996
Pubtype: Conference
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