Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Welcome to the “Historiography of Early Modern Ottoman Europe” (HOE) Database!

The information at your disposal on these pages results from a DFG-funded project based on synergy of expertise between the Chair for the History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey of Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University Library Bochum. Find more information on the concepts and development of the HOE metadata collection at our project homepage. The papers of the HOE Working Paper Series may also be of interest.

If you would like to see sources added to the database, feel free to consult our user guide or to send the bibliographical information regarding the sources to our project e-mail address at ottomanhistoriography@rub.de.

What is HOE?

HOE is a collection of meta-data focusing on historiographical writing of Early Modern Ottoman Europe (1500-1800). It brings together published and unpublished primary sources (chronicles, histories, hagiographies, inscriptions, maps…), as well as secondary material (“Main Section”). It also offers information on specific collections, as well as a wide variety of references to tools and resources useful to those navigating the research questions of Early Modern historiography (“Tools Section”).

What does it do?

HOE provides information on the author(s), title(s), contents, manuscript(s) and edition(s) of the main sources related to the topic. Regarding these sources, it offers bibliographical meta-data in the form of both library-specific and internationally recognized identifiers. This information is augmented by links to online resources and related literature. Thus, HOE allows for quick and comprehensive overview of where to find primary sources, who was/is connected to their generation and proliferation, which secondary sources in which editions, printed and online there are, etc.… It is a research tool for easy, comprehensive, quality reference.

In addition, HOE provides information on raw, unpublished material which could help formulate new research topics.

How to use it?

You can switch between the Main Section and the Tool Section at will. Different facets and filters will help you refine your search.

If you are looking for specific works, you can use the search function to find its title, transcribed title or translated title. In each entry, different pieces of related information and links are made available, depending on the type of source you have selected. And in every case, there will be links to its related sources, which allow you to quickly and precisely access a source’s siblings or derivates.

What to keep in mind?

In accordance with the maxims of open access, we are making our collection of meta-data freely accessible under CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license . Be advised, however, that for content to which links are included, other modalities may apply (please also consult our disclaimer in this matter).

Any further queries?

Questions, feedback, suggestions of further entries are always welcome and can be addressed to ottomanhistoriography@rub.de

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