Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Istoriia voevodului Hangeri

Translated Title
The Story of Prince Hangerli (English)
Publication Type
Codex Verse Chronicle
Versified account of the death by the hand of Ottoman officials of the Wallachian Prince Constantin Hangerli (1797-1799), in Bucharest, on 17 February 1799. Three versions have survived: one by “Zilot Românul” and two by unknown authors. The Prince was not at all a popular character; however, his tragic end proved hard to forget. Only BAR ms. rom. 5193 provides a title for the poem.
  • Biblioteca Academiei Române | ms. rom. 987, ff. 261-263 | ms. rom. 3162, ff. 44-48 | ms. rom. 4768, ff. 26-31 | ms. rom. 5193, ff. 32-35
Other Version
Versified account , Ottomans , Constantin Hangerli , Zilot Românul
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