Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Ἱστορία τοῦ Σταυρὰκ Ὀγλοῦ

Translated Title
The Story of Stavrakoglu (English)
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Modern Greek
Protégé of Constantin Racoviță (Prince of Moldavia 1749-1753 & 1756-1757; Prince of Wallachia 1753-1756 & 1763-1764) and of his brother Ștefan Racoviță (Prince of Wallachia 1764-1765), Stavrakoglu became one of the most influent, rich, and detested people in Wallachia. As his greed and violent practices caused havoc among the tax-payers, he was thrown in jail and strangled by order of the Grand Vizir. The fall of Stavrakoglu, dated August 1765, had a considerable echo: a versified account in “simple” (that is, spoken) Greek was published in Venice, in 1767, and many other editions have followed (1775, 1789, 1793, 1807, 1821 etc.). The Story was transtaled into Romanian, probably in 1767.
  • Biblioteca Academiei Române | ms. gr. 1340 (copy of the 1794 Venetian edition)
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Secondary Literature
Phanariots , Constantin Racoviță , Ștefan Racoviță , Stavrakoglu , spoken Greek , transtation into Romanian
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Moldavia, Wallachia, Venice