Historiography of Ottoman Europe

The death of Prince Potemkin

Anonymous (probably Gheorghe Nacul)
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Versified account of the unexpected death of Prince Grigorij A. Potemkin (Григо́рий Алекса́ндрович Потёмкин). The commander-in-chief of the Russian army during the Russo-Ottoman War started in 1787 died in Iași, during the peace negociations which concluded a highly successful campaign. Impressed by the event, one of he eye-witnesses describes in prose the funeral. The verses lamenting the death of the famous Prince are also attributed to him. The original manuscript, edited by Teodor V. Ștefanelli, is now lost. The surviving manuscript versions have different titles, such as Întâmplările vieții ferdmașului cneaz Potenke al înpărăției Moscovii, în stihuri, or Istoriia cniazului Potemkin celui ce-au răpăusat în țara Moldovii, la let 1792. However, the content is largely the same.
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Versified account , Grigorij A. Potemkin , Russo-Ottoman War
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