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Viața și traiul Sfinției Sale părintelui nostru Nifon patriarhul Țarigradului care au strălucit între multe patemi și ispite în Țarigrad și în Țara Muntenească

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The Life and Deeds of our Father Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinople, who Shone in the Midst of many Passions and Temptations in Constantinople and Wallachia (English)
Protul, Gavriil (1470-1548) | VIAF
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Life of Saint Niphon, former patriarch of Constantinople (1486-1488, 1496-1498), attributed to Gavriil Protul (that is, the head of the Athonite monastic community). Unlike the Life of Niphon written by Iustinos Decadios, Gavriilʼs version deals at length with historical Wallachian events that occured between 1504 and 1520. This “historical” part was later included in some versions of the Chronicle of the Cantacuzenus Family (Letopisețul cantacuzinesc), as well as in the Chronicle by Radu Popescu.
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Nephon II of Constantinople , Wallachia , Iustinos Decadios , Mount Athos , Chronicle of the Cantacuzenus Family (Letopisețul cantacuzinesc) , Radu Popescu