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Domnii țărăi Moldovei

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The Princes of Moldavia (English)
Metropolitan Dosoftei of Moldavia (1624-1693) | URL | URL
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Untitled poem on the Princes of Moldavia, starting with Dragoș (1359), known as “Chronology of the Moldavian Princes”. There are several versions of the work: one published in the 1681 Molitvenic and in the 1683 Parimiile preste an, that goes until 1678; a manuscript version that goes until 1686, discovered by Alexandru Elian; and a version written on the last page of a Bible printed in Bucharest (1688), given as a gift to Dosoftei by the Wallachian Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu († 1714). The author used both chronicles and ancient documents in order to reconstruct the succession of the rulers. The Putna version is accompanied by a contemporary ink drawing representing Prince Alexandru “the Good”(“cel Bun” ; † 1432).
  • Biblioteca Academiei Române | ms. rom. 3456, f. 372 | Bibliia adecă Dumnezeiasca scriptură, Bucharest 1688 (inv. 496/475)
  • Sfânta Mănăstire Putna |
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Poem , Dragoș , Chronology of the Moldavian Princes , Alexandru Elian , Constantin Brâncoveanu , Alexandru cel Bun
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