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After providing a brief chronological account from Adam to John V Palaeologos (1341-1391), Doukas focuses on the history of the (Eastern) Roman Empire and of the Ottoman Empire from the 1389 battle of Kosovo to the fall of Lesbos under the Ottomans in 1462. The choice of 1462 was dictated by the fact that after the fall of Constantinople Doukas took refuge in Lesbos and served as diplomatic agent to princes Dorino and Domenico Gattilusio. Unlike Laonikos Chalkokondyles and Kritovulos of Imbros, Doukas’ language is closer to the spoken Greek of the time than to the “classical” Greek. All the extant manuscript versions – including the one attributed by Sofia Kotzabassi to Doukas himself, or to a scribe from his entourage (Parisinus gr. 1310) – are incomplete and do not provide a title for the composition. However, as the work tells the entangled tale of the last centuries of Byzantium and of the rise of the Ottomans, it is generally known as Historia Turco-Byzantina.
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  • Autograph:
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  • Autograph:
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Adam , John V Palaeologos (1341-1391) , Eastern Roman Empire , Ottoman Empire , battle of Kosovo (1389) , fall of Lesbos (1462) , fall of Constantinople (1453) , Dorino and Domenico Gattilusio , Laonikos Chalkokondyles , Kritovulos of Imbros , spoken Greek , Sofia Kotzabassi , rise of the Ottomans , Historia Turco-Byzantina , Italian translation , Leopold von Ranke , Immanuel Bekker
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Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris), Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Rome), Biblioteca Marciana (Venice)