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Agallianos, Theodoros [Θεόδωρος Αγαλλιανός; Theophanes of Medeia] (ca. 1400-before 1474) | URL | VIAF | ISNI
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Codex Chronicle
Short notes with respect to contemporary events written by Theodoros Agallianos, a Constantinopolitan lawyer and future Bishop of Medeia, “in the third year of the reign of Konstantinos Palaiologos”, that is 1452 (September 13). They have no title, but Peter Schreiner places them among the “short chronicles” (Βραχέα χρονικά). Agallianos describes the attacks led by Sultan Mehmed II in order to secure a fortress he had build on the European shore of the Bosphorus as preparation for the siege of Constantinople. He shows that no one came to the rescue of the City, allowing the Ottomans to capture the fortresses of Studiu and Epibatai; even God has abandoned the Byzantines. An adversary of the Union of the Christian Churches agreed upon at the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-1439), Agallianos blames everything on this “evil” and “false” Union.
  • Iviron Monastery | Athous Iviron 286, ff. 168-169 (16th century copy of Agallianos’ autograph)
  • Library of the Romanian Academy | BAR ms. gr. 74, ff. 159-160v (17th century copy of Agallianos’ autograph by Patriarch Dositheos of Jerusalem)
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Secondary Literature
The autograph manuscript of Agallianos, once conserved in the library of the Metropolitan See of Heraclea, is now lost. Its copy by Nikolaos Karatzas, used by Sofronios Esutratiadis for his edition, is also lost.
Konstantinos Palaiologos , short chronicles / Βραχέα χρονικά , Mehmed II , Siege of Constantinople , Union of the Christian Churches , Council of Ferrara-Florence