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Povéste de jale și pre scurt asupra nedreptei morți a prea cinstitului Costandin Cantacozino, marelui postélnic al Țării Rumânești

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Short Mournful Story about the Injust Death of the Most-Honourable Constantin Cantacuzino, grand postelnic of Wallachia (English)
Radu logofăt Greceanu
Annotator, Translator
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Modern Greek, Romanian
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Composed in Greek, in iambic 15 syllabic verse, by a “very good and dear friend” of Constantin Cantacuzino, and published (apparently) in Venice, this poem was translated into Romanian, also in verses, by Radu logofăt Greceanu. It depicts the execution of the postelnic Cantacuzino by orders of the Wallachian Prince Grigorie Ghica, in December 1663, and it accuses the postelnic’s nephew, Dumitrașco vistier, of orchestrating the murder. As the victim is highly praised and as his death is depicted as martyrdom, the Greek composition and the Romanian translation – dedicated to Stanca Cantacuzino , daughter of the deceased and mother of (future) Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu – are meant to strengthen the prestige of the Cantacuzino family, one of the most – if not the most – important families of 17th-18th century Wallachia and Moldavia. The Greek author is still unknown and the edition(s) are, for the moment, impossible to locate. Only an incomplete manuscript copy of the translation has survived; it was made by Dumitru logofăt, in 1735, and it is based on the printed edition.
  • Biblioteca Academiei Române | ms. Fond Blaj 216, ff. 104-113
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Greek iambic 15 syllabic verse , Romanian translation , postelnic Constantine Cantacuzino , Prince Grigore Ghica , Dumitrașco Cantacuzino , Stanca Cantacuzino , Constantin Brâncoveanu , Dumitru logofăt , Cantacuzino family – Wallachian branch , Cantacuzino family – Moldavian branch
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