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Περὶ τοῦ Μιχὴλ Καντακουζηνοῦ

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On Michael Kantakouzenos (English)
Karatzas, Nikolaos [Νικόλαος Καρατζάς ]
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Codex Vita
Notes on the 16th century Greek archon Michael Kantakouzenos (nicknamed Șeytanoğlu / Son of Satan), written by Nikolaos Karatzas on a 12th century Psalter which had belonged to the said Kantakouzenos. The bibliophile archon Karatzas used to append such notes on the previous owners or authors to the manuscripts in his possession – on the great logothete Hierax, in the Greek manuscript no 1474 of the National Library of Greece (published by Christos Patrinelis); on the Patriarch of Constantinople Kyrillos Loukaris, in BPL 122 of Leiden University Library (unpublished); on Ioannis Karyophillis, in Add MS 8232 of the British Library (unpublished). In this case, he puts together an epigram by Damaskenos the Stoudite and fragments from the Turcograecia of Martin Crusius (1584), from the Bibliotheca Graeca of Johann Albert Fabricius (1705-1728), and from an unpublished manuscript of Dimitrios Ramadanis († 1735/1745).
  • Houghton Library | ms. gr. 3, f. B
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Michael Kantakouzenos , Șeytanoğlu / Son of Satan , great logothete Hierax , Greek manuscript no 1474 of the National Library of Greece , Kyrillos Loukaris , Leiden BPL 122 , Ioannis Karyophillis , British Library Add MS 8232 , Damaskenos the Stoudite , Turcograecia , Martin Crusius , Bibliotheca Graeca , Johann Albert Fabricius , Dimitrios Ramadanis