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Lašvanin, Nikola [Marcsincussich, Nicolaus] (1703-1750) | URL | VIAF | ISNI
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Codex Chronicle
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Bosnian, Latin
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The chronicle has several parts. The first one follows closely the Chronicle of Pavao Ritter Vitezović and goes form the divine creation of the heavens and of the earth to 1690. The second part is a slightly more personal chronicle of Bosnia, from 1682 to 1750. The third part mirrors the Bosna Captiva by Vitezović; it depicts the fall of the Bosnian kingdom under the Ottomans and the beheading of king Stjepan Tomašević (1463). An extended list of the provincials of the Franciscan province Bosna Argentina follows; it starts with fra Petar Soljanin (1590). The fifth part of Lašvanin’s work follows the footsteps of the anonymous Chronicle from the Fojnica Monastery; which covers the years from 1300 to 1697. The Chronicle includes two charters of king Stjepan Tomašević (the second dated Priština, June 3rd, 1459), a list of Bosnian bishops from 1565 to 1741, an account of the death of fra Petar Lašvanin (1732), a list of Turkish proverbs, and several other fragments, such as the timeline of a voyage to Italy and back (1726), or an ink recipe.
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Pavao Ritter Vitezović , Bosna Captiva , The fall of the Bosnian kingdom under the Ottomans , Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia , Franciscan provincials , Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena , Fra Petar Soljanin , Fra Petar Lašvanin , Turkish proverbs , Voyage to Italy , Ink recipe
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