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Vita de principe Sultan Jachia cattolico di Casa Ottomana nato nel 1585 dal Sultan Mehemet e dalla Christiana greca rinegata Elana di Giorgio Caldarano do Trapezzonda fatta Sultana col nome di Lalpare

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Life of prince Sultan Jachia (English)
Levaković, Rafael [Рафаил Левакович ] (1590-1650)
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Codex Vita
Life of Jachia Sultan († 1649), alleged second-born son of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed III (1595-1603) and of a representative of the Komnenos family of Trebizond. Composed (probably in Rome) by the Franciscan friar Rafael Levaković, who knew Jachia quite well, this is the first systematic attempt to depict the efforts made by the pretender in order to became sultan, as well as his restless attempts to raise various Balkan populations against the Ottomans. There are three versions of the “Life” (now held in repositories in Austin, Split, and Udine). Their annotated edition would throw more light on a fascinanting character – “one of the most extraordinary characters... in all of seventeenth-century Europe” (Noel Malcolm) – and it would also illustrate Levaković’s own political and cultural agenda in “Illyria”.
  • Harry Ransom Center | MS. Ranuzzi Ph 12894
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Jachia Sultan , Mehmed III (1595-1603) , Komnenos family of Trebizond , Franciscan friar , revolt of Balkan populations against the Ottomans , Noel Malcolm
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Rome, Harry Ransom Center, Split, Udine, Illyria