Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Ἱστορία τῶν συμβάντων ἐπὶ τῆς βασιλείας τοῦ σουλτὰν Μεχμέτη, ἐπιτροπεύοντος τοῦ Κιπρουλῆ γέροντος Μεχμὲτ πασᾶ, μέχρι τῆς βασιλείας τοῦ σουλτὰν Ἀχμέτη, υἱοῦ τοῦ αὐτοῦ σουλτὰν Μεχμέτη

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ἐπιτροπεύοντος τηνικαῦτα τοῦ Δαμὰτ Χασὰν πασᾶ
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History of the events that occured during the reign of Sultan Mehmed, when Mehmed Köprülü Pașa the Old was Grand Vizier, until the reign of Sultan Ahmed, son of this Sultan Mehmed, when Damat Hasan Pașa was Grand Vizier (English)
Ramadanis, Dimitrios
Dapontes, Konstantinos (1713/1714-1784) | URL | URL | VIAF | ISNI
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Codex Chronicle
Modern Greek
A chronicle of the events occured in the Ottoman Empire between 1648 and 1703, with a special focus on the Romanian principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. Its two editors – Konstantinos N. Sathas (1872) and Constantin Erbiceanu (1888) – thought Konstantinos Dapontes was the author. In ms. Kyriazis 4 of the Gennadius Library in Athens, an autograph of Dapontes, the History and the following Δακικαὶ Ἐφημερίδες are placed under the name of Dapontes and are given the title Χρονογράφος (“Chronograph”). However, Machi Païzi-Apostolopoulou has argued that the History belongs in fact to Dimitrios Ramadanis, grand spathar of Wallachia during the reign of Nikolaos Mavrokordatos. Indeed, the 18th century bibliophile archon Nikolaos Karatzas says clearly that the History was the work of Ramadanis, who dictated it to him.
  • Gennadius Library | Ms. Kyriazis 4 - ff. 1-99 (autograph of Dapontes)
  • University of Ioannina | Ms. Kourilas 4 - ff. 239-286r (autograph of Karatzas)
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Secondary Literature
Konstantinos N. Sathas used a manuscript belonging to Prince George Mavrokordatos, which also contained the Δακικαὶ Ἐφημερίδες (also attributed to Dapontes and edited by Émile Legrand). Machi Païzi-Apostolopoulou has shown that this manuscript is now ms. Kyriazis 4 of the Gennadius Library in Athens. Constantin Erbiceanu has used an incomplet manuscript from his own library.
Konstantinos Dapontes , Δακικαὶ Ἐφημερίδες , Chronicle , Nicholas Mavrokordatos , Nikolaos Karatzas
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