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Short histories and news concerning the princes of Wallachia (English)
Transliterated Title
Tawārīkh wa-akhbār mukhtaṣira ‘an afandiyyat al-‘aflākh
Makāriyūs Ibn al-Za‘īm
Publication Type
Codex | Translation Chronicle
Chronicle of Wallachia covering the years 1292/1293-1664, completed in Damascus. The Patriarch of Antioch Makāriyūs and his son Būluṣ visited the Romanian principalities twice, from January 1653 to June 1654 and from August 1656 to October 1658. During their travels, they collected and / or translated into Arabic several Greek texts, such as the Book of Prophecies by Paisios Ligaridis or the Chronicle attributed to an un-extant Dorotheos of Monemvasia. Among the texts in the miscellanea called Majmu‘ laṭīf (“Pleasant collection”), one may find the above-mentioned short chronicle of Wallachia, which translates and abridges several Greek texts, such as the History by Matthaios of Myra. The fact that Greek model of the first part (1292/1293-1593) is for the moment lost further increases the importance of Makāriyūs’ Wallachian Chronicle.
  • Library of the Greek-Catholic monastery of Dayr al-Mukhallis | ms. 118
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https://www.academia.edu/12423400/La_Chronique_de_Valachie_1292-1664_._Texte_ar abe_du_patriarche_Macaire_Zaim_Introduction_%C3%A9dition_arabe_et_traduction_fr an%C3%A7aise
Library of the Greek-Catholic monastery of Dayr al-Mukhallis in Lebanon – ms. 118 (former 16/27), pp. 534-558. Previously in the Library of the Greek-Catholic monastery of St George in Dayr aš-Šīr, the manuscript was copied from the original by priest Marqos, in 1670. Another manuscript, missing part of the beginning and of the end, is preserved in the Library of the Balamand University (Lebanon); it was described by deacon George Barbarī.
Chronicle of Wallachia , Patriarch of Antioch , Book of Prophecies , Paisios Ligaridis , Chronicle of Pseudo-Dorotheos , Majmu‘ laṭīf , Matthaios of Myra , translation from Greek
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