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Βιβλίον ονομαζόμενος Πάλη, ήγουν μάχη των Τούρκων μετά του ευσεβέστατου και εκλαμπρότατου μεγάλου αυθεντός και πριντσίπου της λαμπρότατης Βενετίας

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Book called Struggle, id est Battle of the Turks against the most venerable and the most illustrious Grand Ruler and Prince of the Most illustrious City of Venice (English)
Kyprios, Ioakeim [Ιωακείμ Κύπριος ] | URL | VIAF | ISNI
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Codex Verse Chronicle
Mid-17th century vernacular account of the “Cretan War” (1645-1669), written in 10 240 fifteen-syllable political verses. It has survived in a sole manuscript, now held in the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest (ms. gr. 37). Its editor, Tassos A. Kaplanis, belives that the author – a monk from the Kykkos monastery in Cyprus called Ioakeim, “archimandrite and chancellor” – is one and the same as the scribe of ΜΠΤ 27 (Athens), RAIK 130 (St Petersburg), and Jerosol. Patr. 173 (Jerusalem). The Struggle is said to be composed in Belgrade and it seems that its author (who might have been fluent in Turkish and in the Venetian dialect) died before the end of the war. The poem focuses on the beginning of the conflict (the story of the Maltese sultana), and on the events that occured between 1648 and 1650.
  • Library of the Romanian Academy | BAR ms. gr. 37
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Vernacular account , “Cretan War” (1645-1669) , fifteen-syllable political verses , Tassos A. Kaplanis , Kykkos monastery , story of the Maltese sultana
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Cyprus, Belgrade