Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Chipurile împăraților turcești dimpreună cu istoriile lor

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Lives of the Turkish Emperors, together with their histories (English)
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Codex | Translation History of the Ottoman Emperors
18th century translation into Romanian of 27 short biographies of Ottoman sultans, from Osman I to Ahmed III (1703-1730). The last event mentioned is the beginning of the Ottoman-Russian war of 1710. On the first folio there are 27 miniatures representing the sultans whose life and deeds are accounted. Victor Papacostea noted that the text presents many similarities with the early 18th century Greek Lives of the Sultans by Dionisie Fotino / Dionysios Photeinos.
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Initially held in the library collection of the National Ossoliński Institute in Lwów as Manuscripta instituti Ossoliniani 5835/III, the manuscript was not transferred to Wrocław with the rest of the Ossolineum, in 1947. It belongs now to the Stefanyk National Science Library of Lviv (Львівська національна наукова бібліотека України імені Василя Стефаника).
Biography , Ottoman sultans , Osman I , Ahmed III , Ottoman-Russian wars , miniatures , Dionisie Fotino
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National Ossoliński Institute, Stefanyk National Science Library