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Breve memoria de li discendenti de nostra casa Musachi

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Short memoire on the descendants of our House Musachi (English)
Musachi, Giovanni [Costantino Musachi (second half of the 16th – first half of the 17th century)] | URL | URL | VIAF | ISNI
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Giovanni Musachi was a despot of Epirus from the Myzeke region “who stemmed from the city of Byzantium and bore the double-headed eagle as his emblem”. Forced to take refuge in the Kingdom of Neaples by the Ottoman advance, he dedicated to his children – Theodore, Adrian, Constantine, Helena, and Porphida – a short chronicle of the family so that they do not forget where they come from. However, mentions are made to important contemporary events, such as the fight for the Byzantine throne between the Palaiologoi and the Kantakouzenoi, the appeal to Sultan Murad I, the battle of Kosovo Polje, and the Skanderbeg saga. The genealogy of this important family end with a testament. It is generally dated 1510, but Robert Elsie has noted that a reference is made in the text to the battle of Chaldiran; thus, the text was concluded at least after 1514, most probably in 1515. At the end, Constantine Musachi added several notes, dated 1535. Most likely, Constantine is the author of the Breve memoria, as it has survived.
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Despot of Epirus , Kingdom of Neaples , Ottoman conquest , Palaiologoi , Kantakouzenoi , Sultan Murad I , battle of Kosovo Polje , Skanderbeg , genealogy , battle of Chaldiran
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