Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Ἀποκλεισμὸς τῆς Βιέννης

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Siege of Vienna (English)
Anonymous [Anonymous author of Raggualio historico della guerra tra l’armi Cesaree e Ottomane dal principio della Ribellione degl’Ungari fino l’anno corrente 1683 e principalmente dell'assedio di Vienna e sua liberazione, con gl’incominciati progressi delle dette armi Cesaree e Confederate (Venice : Giovanni Giacomo Hertz 1683)]
Kakavelas, Ieremias [‛Ιερεμίας Κακαβέλας († after 1700)]
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Manuscript | Translation
Translation in “simple”, that is, “spoken” Greek of an Italian description of the 1683 Siege of Vienna by the Ottomans. Made by the Cretan preacher Ieremias Kakavelas, a future teacher of Prince Dimitrie Cantemir, it was commissioned by the soon-to-be prince of Wallachia Constantin Brâncoveanu († 1714) and was dedicated to the ruling Wallachian Prince Șerban Cantacuzino († 1688). The manuscript was written by priest Necula, in Bucharest, in 1686. Among its former owners there were Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford († 1827) and Richard Taylor († 1858). The note at f. 1r, transcribed with errors by (for) F.H. Marshall, runs as follows: “A lui Costandin Brâncoveanul v(e)l spăt(ar), scoasă de Ieremiia Cacavela dascălul şi egumen(ul) Plăvicénilor dupe limba frâncească pe limbă grecească şi scrisă de popa Necula, la noiem(vrie) 1, l(ea)t 1686.” ([Book] of Constantin Brâncoveanul grand spătar, translated from the language of the Franks into Greek by Ieremiia Cacavela, teacher and hegumen of Plăviceni monastery, and copied by priest Necula, on 1 November 1686.) At f. 3v, an miniature depicting Emperor Leopold I.
  • British Library | Add. MS 38890
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Translation in Greek , “spoken” Greek , Siege of Vienna by the Ottomans , Dimitrie Cantemir , Constantin Brâncoveanu , Șerban Cantacuzino , priest Necula , Leopold I Habsburg , Frederick North , Richard Taylor
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