Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Ἐπιτομὴ Ἱστοριῶν

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Translated Title
Epitome of Histories (English)
Zonaras, Ioannis
Author, Editor
Publication Type
Manuscript Chronicle
Modern Greek
295 + II ff.
14th century (ff. 6-263); second half of the 15th century (ff. 1-5, 264-295)
“Collected and composed” by the monk Ioannis Zonaras, a former high functionary of the Byzantine Empire, the Epitome is in fact a chronicle that runs from the Creation of the world to the death of Alexios I Komnenos in the year 1118. In addition, the Modena manuscript includes a list of the emperors from Alexios I to 1453 (f. 289), a list of the empresses from Helena to 1453, a list of the offices of the Imperial court (ff. 289v-290r), a list of the Patriarchs of Constantinople from 1443-1450 (f. 290), a list of bishop’s sees (ff. 290v-291r), a list of the imperial tombs (f. 291r), another list of the Byzantine Emperors from Constantine the Great to 1453 (ff. 291r-293r), and an account on the equestrian statue of Justinian I (f. 295). 24 portraits of male emperors are also included (ff. 293v-294v); as the last of these emperors is Constantine XI Palaiologos († 1453), this later part of the manuscript (ff. 264-295) must have been completed after the fall of Constantinople. According to Olga Gratziou, the illumination has a prophetic tone – after the last Emperor of Constantinople, the scribe depicted Constantine the Great, the first of the Byzantine Emperors. Apart from a couple of images, the 15th century additions in Mutinensis gr. 122 still await an editor.
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Secondary Literature
Ioannis Zonaras , chronicle , creation of the world , Alexios I Komnenos , list of Byzantine emperors , list of Byzantine empresses , list of the offices of the Byzantine Imperial court , list of the Patriarchs of Constantinople , list of bishop’s sees , list of the Byzantine imperial tombs , Constantine the Great , Justinian I , portraits of Byzantine emperors , Constantine XI Palaiologos , the fall of Constantinople , prophecies , the last Emperor of Byzantium