Historiography of Ottoman Europe

Γενική χάρτα τῆς Μολδαβίας καί μέρος τῶν γειτνιαζουσῶν αὐτῇ ἐπαρχιῶν

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General Map of Moldavia and Part of its Nearby Provinces (English)
Fereos, Rigas (Rhigas) [Ρήγας Φεραίος / Rigas (Rhigas) Velestinlis / Ρήγας Βελεστινλής ] (1757-1798) | URL | URL | VIAF | ISNI
Müller, François (Franz)
Schütz, H.C.
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82x63 cm map of Moldavia, based, as Georgios Laios has shown, on a map by H.C. Schütz (Neueste Karte von der Moldau...). Engraved by François (Franz) Müller, it was printed by the Makrides Pulio brothers, in Vienna, in 1797. It includes a portrait of Prince Alexandros Kallimachis (1795-1799; † 1821), as well as the coat-of-arms of Moldavia. According to Nestor Camariano, another version, engraved by K.R. Schindelmayer, was published anonymously, with several alterations and without the portret of the prince, in Vienna, in 1804.
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Secondary Literature
Printed in Vienna by the Makrides Pulio brothers, in 1797. One may consult the copies held in the Gennadius Library in Athens (GT 231.5) and the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest (D VI 2 & D VI 11). A copy of the 1804 edition is held in the Library of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest (D VI 10).
Map of Moldavia , H.C. Schütz , Franz Müller , Makrides Pulio , Alexandros Kallimachis , coat-of-arms of Moldavia , K. Schindelmayer
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Vienna, Gennadius Library, Library of the Romanian Academy